This is a selection of projects

Therapieland – Product development 2.0 e-health platform

At Therapieland, I am responsible for the design of a project that makes healthcare accessible and user-friendly for everyone. The platform is a cutting-edge e-Health platform with various features such as e-Health programs, videocall support, surveys and Virtual Reality. In the role of UX designer, I ensure that these features work seamlessly together, providing all our users with a delightful experience that makes it easy to get the care they need. In my role as Design team lead I am responsible of design alignment between teams to ensure a consistent Therapieland branding experience. Further more I enjoy mentoring other aspirant designers within the company.

Deliverables: concept designs, design strategy, user insights reports.

Momice – Griffle product development

Griffle focuses on the training branch and aims to automate the registration, communication, promotion, and evaluation of training courses. The design challenge was to create a platform that would be easy to use and would help businesses to gather feedback and promote their training courses. During the testing phase, the product was available for anyone to use in order to gather feedback and refine features for the Beta release.

Deliverables: research reports, concept designs, Google Analytics insights, and a design system based on the material design principles from Google.

ING Bank – Design for admin portal loyalty store

The ING Loyalty store is a popular part of the consumer-facing side of the ING Bank. The admin side of the portal was outsourced, and ING wanted to rebuild and design the admin in-house to automate related processes. The design challenge was to create a desktop-oriented, familiar-looking, and easy-to-maintain admin interface that would automate manual processes like keeping track of returned products.

Deliverables: research reports, blueprints, flowcharts, and concept design.

AkzoNobel – Global consumer website

The design challenge was to combine the segregated international consumer websites to form one website where customers from all over the world could find inspiration. The interface needed to be flexible enough to handle different languages and text. Defining personas was important to work on a global scale.

Deliverables: research reports in the form of persona’s, prototypes, concept flows, design principles.

Neuromagic Japan – Service design implementation

Neuromagic hired Informaat, where I was working at the moment, to teach them the basics of service design and implement service design thinking within the company. The design challenge was to make sure that the designated service designers felt confident about hosting workshops with customers, as it is not very common in Japan to host workshops with people who are higher in hierarchy.

Deliverables: analysis reports, presentations, and workshops.

Careibu – babysit app concept for ‘De vinderij’

The design challenge was to build trust by facilitating communication about planning and payments through the app. The concept needed to fuel trust because the users here were parents with kids and students. The app needed to work across different platforms. Parents were already acquainted with the website, but students needed to be reached quicker, preferably by app.

Deliverables: research reports based on prototype, concept design, and visual concept.